Pet Services

Our Services Include:

  • Bathing
  • Boarding
  • Dental Services
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Dog grooming 
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Hospitalization
  • Indoor Boarding Facility
  • Mircrochipping
  • Pharmacy 
  • Preventive health examinations and immunizations
  • Quality Pet foods Science diet, Purina, and Royal Canin
  • Rabies
  • Surgery
  • Vaccinations
  • Digital X-rays
  • Ultrasound via Dr. Tracie Jones


Boarding Policy

  • All dogs must have current immunizations against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and bordetella, and bronchitis.
  • All cats must have current immunizations against rabies, Rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and leukemia.
  • All dogs must have had a heartworm blood test within the past 12 months.
  • All animals must be free of external parasites (fleas & ticks) when admitted for boarding; or must be treated upon admission.
  • A cleansing bath is given on the day of dismissal. All major grooming is referred to a professional groomer. We will be happy to provide you with a recommendation.
  • All clients are required to read and sign the boarding admitting form.
  • Animals will be admitted & discharged ONLY during regular office hours.
  • Any animal that requires emergency or immediate veterinary attention will receive it at our discretion, and at the owner’s expense.
  • An emergency telephone number should be left with the clinic.
  • Animals requiring medication or treatment (such as wound treatment) will be charged appropriate fees. Heartworm preventive medication should be administered for the month before or after the boarding time. There is no danger in giving this medication early.
  • Please inform us if you are not happy with the way animal cared for. Your satisfaction and your pet’s well being are our primary concern. We are always looking for ways to improved and welcome your feedback.
  • Be aware that your animal’s diet may have varied while away from home. They may have barked at other animals; or the temperature & humidity may have been slightly different from your home. This can create problems such as sore throats, tonsillitis, or diarrhea. We seek to prevent such problems, but understand that sometimes these problems do develop. Owners will be charged appropriate fees for all treatment and medication needed for reasons that are not directly under our control.
  • We furnish all normal food and bedding. However, you are also welcome to bring your own food.  Bedding and toys are discouraged because they can become lost or damaged.


This handout has been prepared to ensure participants understand how the program works and what is included so there are no misunderstandings.


  • Vaccinations must be current 
  • Dogs: rabies & distemper / parvovirus
  • Cats: rabies & feline distemper / respiratory disease complex.
  • Pets must be free Of External Parasites Or Treated At Time Of Admission.
  • A Surgical release form must be completed & signed by the owner/agent.


  • Presurgical examination
  • Anesthesia
  • Spay / neuter procedure & surgical supplies required
  • Surgical recovery & suture removal (if required) in 10 days
  • There will be extra charges if your pet is pregnant, in-heat, or excessively fractious.

Optional, but recommended services:

The basic quoted fee includes all of the above. This minimal procedure package is offered to make spaying/neutering affordable for everyone possible. Additionally, there are several optional services that are highly recommended for your pet’s increased safety & comfort.

Additional services that may be recommended:

  • Preanesthetic lab work screening
  • IV catheter placement
  • Microchipping
  • Elizabethan collar (cone of shame)
  • Sedatives can also be prescribed for very active patients and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis with Dr. Faulkner
  • Deciduous teeth extraction. Some patients baby teeth to not fall out appropriately and need to be extracted to make room for incoming adult teeth.  This is done per recommendations made by Dr. Faulkner


  • Keep inside and quiet for one week following the surgery.
  • Return for suture removal (if required) in 10 days. There is no charge unless tranquilization is required to remove the sutures.
  • Keep incision clean and dry. No swimming or baths until the sutures are removed.


We make every effort to avoid complications, BUT surgery complications are always a possibility with any procedure. Complications might include infection, wound dehiscence (breakdown), or sutures chewed out by the pet. Complications are known risks and, often times, unavoidable.  We work with our owners to decrease the risk for complications, however, any resulting complications are not covered by the basic spay/neuter fee and there will be additional charges for treatment.

Pet Dental Prophy Information

Studies show that 60-80% of all pets over the age of three years have periodontal disease and need dental care.

Dental disease in pets causes many problems such as:

  • Bad Breath
  • Infections spreading to internal organs (Liver, Kidney, Heart)
  • Mouth & gum pain
  • Loss of teeth
  • Future owner expense

If proper teeth cleaning remove early tartar formation and proper home care of the teeth, your pet will be healthier, live longer, and have better breath.

Proper Dental Cleaning Procedures In Your Pet Include:

  • Presedation Physical Examination
  • PreSedation Blood Profile Screening (Optional But Highly Recommended)
  • Sedation & Vital Sign Monitoring
  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Antiseptic Flushing To Remove Bacteria
  • Teeth Polishing To Smooth Surfaces After Scaling
  • Recovery Day Care Hospitalization


Oral Antibiotics May Be Required Depending On Infection Present.
We are dedicated to providing quality health care for your pet at the most affordable fee.   It is much better to “prevent” problems rather than “treat” problems. To that end, we have “packaged” the entire dental prophy procedure to provide the lowest fee possible.


Many pets require sedation before a thorough examination can be completed. The condition of each tooth must be evaluated before a decision is made as to the best course of treatment. Although no one likes surprises, it sometimes is impossible to give an accurate estimate before sedation. From an economic standpoint, it is much more economical to complete all needed dental procedures during the initial visit and sedation rather than having to schedule another appointment with additional sedation required. In an effort to satisfy your desires, please initial the appropriate option below:

  • Please perform whatever procedures & extractions are required at the initial visit.
  • Please perform whatever procedures & extractions are required up to $__________.
  • Please do nothing more than the requested dental prophy procedure at this time.
  • Please call me after the exam with an estimate of any additional charges before proceeding.

HOME CARE AFTER THE DENTAL PROPHY PROCEDURE. You will be provided with a detailed handout describing recommended home care at the time your pet is dismissed from the hospital.

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Office Hours

If your pet has a medical emergency or need during the weekend, we refer to the Animal Referral and Emergency Center in Flowood at 601-939-8999.


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